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      We mainly produce:Sodium methylarsonate MSMA、Calcium arsenate、Arsonic acid, methyl-,disodium salt DSMA、Lead arsenate and other products.

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      About Us

      Founded in 2007, Jiangxi Qianhua Industry Co., Ltd. is a specialized production and trade enterprise. Now, we are mainly engaged in the research and manufacturing of fine chemicals.

      Situated in Qianshan industrial park of Shangrao city in Jiangxi province, our manufacturing base covers an area of 20,000sqm, and owns more than 6,000sqm of buildings and CNY 20 million of fixed assets. Now, we mainly produce 3 series and dozens kinds of products, including timber, wood board preservatives, feed additives and arsenic products. Especially, we yearly can produce 6,000 tons of arsenic acid and Sodium methylarsonate, 600 tons of CCA and ACQ (timber preservatives) and 500 tons of Roxarsone and arsanilic acid. We sold over CNY 20 million of products in 2003, and exported USD 2 million of products in 2005. At present, our products are mainly sold in Jiangxi, Shanghai, Jiangxi, Guangzhou, South Korea, India, The United States and Japan, etc., and customers are highly satisfied with our products for excellent quality. Because of extraordinary cost performance, the outputs of our products can't meet the demands of customers always.

      Our company is consisted of Production and Technology Department, Marketing Department, Foreign Trade Export Department, Quality Supervision Department, Development Center, Office and Account Department, and all departments have their functions clearly. With well-established rules and regulations and well-operated management system, our company has repeatedly won the honors of "Trusted enterprises" and "AA grade credit enterprise", etc.

      With brand-new attitude, we are working hard for realizing the new targets. Striving for sincere cooperation, we are doing our best to provide the best service for customers all over the world. We sincerely welcome talents to join our business and achieve mutual development!

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